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1. We Group Candidates For Maximum Impact

We analyzed every tight race and put together slates of candidates who can build the most progressive power for your money.

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We simply take your donation and split it among all candidates in the Impact Slate.

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The Smart Donor Top 10

Impact: We continually run the numbers for where you can maximize donor ROI. These 10 candidates in swing states can drive the change we need, and are most in need of your dollars right now.

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Flip Pennsylvania Blue

Swing State

Impact: Want to flip Pennsylvania Blue and beat Trump too? If we flip just 13 of the 253 seats in the Pennsylvania legislature, Democrats will flip both chambers. Plus, these candidates will help get votes up-ballot for the Presidential race!

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Turn North Carolina Blue

Swing State

Impact: North Carolina Republicans are infamous for their horrible gerrymandering that has kept them locked into power. But by supporting key state legislative candidates, we can flip the chamber all while turning out more voters to beat Trump.

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What's So Great About Impact Slates?

Maximum Donor ROI

Simply put, we maximize the impact of your donations, both on a national and state level. We literally analyzed how far money goes at each level of government (check out our report). Our analysis identified the top 251 state legislative districts that would bring massive progressive change with much less investment than national races.

Donors Love Candidate Slates

Slates give donors superpowers, because they can donate to an expertly-curated group of candidates in one click. We group candidates into slates so you can easily choose the best way to impact the country - whether it be empowering women or expanding healthcare.

Win Power For A Decade

After the 2020 census, state legislatures will have incredible power. They have the once-in-a-decade opportunity to draw district maps not only for their own districts, but the U.S. House as well. After 2010, North Carolina redrew their maps and went from a 7-6 Dem majority to a 10-3 GOP advantage. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania all saw similar GOP power grabs - and the only way to keep them from continuing to trend red is to win & protect fair elections.

Quickly See State-Level Impact

Change happens quickly at the state level! After flipping the Virginia state legislature in 2019, the new Democrat majority enacted gun safety measures, expanded the right to vote, and passed the Equal Rights Amendment to become the final state for ratification.

About Us

“The movement for fair maps will determine the course of progress on every issue we care about for the next decade. We need to build this movement from the ground up — right now.”

- Barack obama

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